Wednesday, December 11, 2013

More on Kale and The Getty images gallery

 On Monday I visited the Allotment in Kensington Gardens and got chatting with one of the guys working there - he showed me his compost and also explained that Kale leaves can be harvested while the plant remains (I'm embarrassed to say I didn't realise this) -he had a nice crop going as well as still having raspberries to pick and very healthy looking strawberry plants (in a raised bed I'm happy to say).

Some raised beds in Kensington

Bags of fun 
As I walked through to Hyde Park I did see too a lady collecting horse manure, hopefully for horticultural purposes - good luck to her.

Getty Images Gallery

As I had some spare time I decided to visit the Getty Images gallery in Eastcastle Street- I've wondered before when photo's become art and I was very impressed with several of the pictures at the gallery, the quality of printing being quite fantastic.One picture particularly took my eye of a woman who was seen on the arms of Elvis Presley and Dennis Hooper - it's
She became a big Hollywood producer
Joan Bradshaw she went on to become a big Hollywood producer films include What lies beneath.

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