Saturday, December 07, 2013

Ealing Comedy at The Drayton and 'Ghosts'

Yesterday we went to the The No 5 Club, Downstairs at the Drayton Court Arms which is our most local public house. Thew club is run by Phil Zimmerman who shot (?) to fame by appearing on Never Mind the Buzzcocks - he seems to be something of a maverick.
Anyway the act that had attracted me to the gig was Alun Cochrane who I used to think unfunny but now appreciate - he's part of the Frank Skinner Absolute Radio Saturdays Breakfast show most Saturday mornings.
A clean shaven Alun
His humour I suppose falls into the slightly unfashionable 'observational' niche.
Alun avec beard
Alun has his own website but I'm not sure how up to date it is as I reckon he'd agree the picture of him there is more hirsute in terms of the top of his head and less in the beard-y department. Alun was pretty funny for quite a long time and I hope he got some sleep before his radio appearance (I'm assuming) today.

The No.5 club also gives the chance for new comedians and last night there were 2 very good female comedians - with original style including the first Kenyan Comedienne I've seen (working under that title anyway).

If only buildings could speak..

TV Centre
On my way to an appointment the other day I passed what had been/could have been called (I suppose) the home of British Entertainment the old BBC TV centre.
Good and Bad
Think of all the light entertainment TV of the last 50 years as well as Blue Peter and many of the Play for Today's -their home ? BBC TV Centre.
Well the site hgas been sole and I expect it'll be shops and flats soon (perhas some offices too).
What would the building say about Top of The Pops or the Two Ronnies - we can only speculate as modern scientific thought indicates that most likely  buildings don't talk and share memories.

Middlesex Hospital

How it once was
On Thursday I visited what used to be in the days of ITN Wells Street on of the drinking establishments used by employees The Crown and Sceptre - it's still going strong although the Public toilets that were located very conveniently if you were having a drink outside are now closed.
Near the Pub was the Middlesex hospital - it was knocked down some time ago but the new development is moving forward, due to open in 2014 flats and shops I expect.
I remember being at ITN in 1980 when Peter Sellers died at the hospital - not a lack of laughs when on-stage there but heart issues.
The site when unadorned 

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