Friday, December 06, 2013

Late(r) night at National Portrait Gallery & The Parrots

Sometime ago I mentioned a BBC TV programme about Jonathan Yeo on Thursday I was in town to join a farewell drink for a departing colleague and decided to kill two birds with one stone by visiting The National Portrait Gallery to give it a second chance!Seeing the contemporary portraiture of Jonathan Yeo made this visit a real pleasure and I recognise that I'd not given the gallery a fair viewing.

Thursday is a later opening at the Gallery and the delight of this visit was heightened by the fact that there was a much less frenetic feel than during the day I had been previously (and fewer visitors too).
My favourite by Yeo was the Helena Bonham-Carter but they're all great.
The 20th Century political and social portraits along with several Warhols (including Joan Collins) on the first floor were great too.

My favourite Beatles Track (Rain by a gear tribute band The Parrots)

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