Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Visiting the Lords and 4oD is added to Now TV Box

Iconic London landscape
On Tuesday at the invitation of my Brother (Lord Bourne of Aberystwyth)  I visited the House of Lords once more and had a delightful Lunch.
It was as usual very busy around the Palace of Westminster with tourists both UK and overseas taking photo's and admiring the chocolate box appearance of the architecture.
What I learnt this time was how professional the business of the Lords is and that it is a commitment which entails hard work and (of course) political lobbying.

NOW TV now has 4oD

Here's the e-mail I got today from those nice people at NOW TV...

All the 4oD stuff added
From today, the 4oD app is available for you to install onto your NOW TV box. You just need to go into the Roku channel store, to the New section and add the 4oD app to your homepage. Then you can watch the best of Channel 4 on demand.

I'm not sure if the addition of 4oD to the £10 NOW TV box is a further encroachment on the YouView proposition but as it's very easy to install and works just fine I won't be complaining - if you've got broadband and your current TV aset up does not support on-demand why not go for it?

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