Monday, November 18, 2013

Cutting back on the allotment and taking a few leaks

Artichokes after the trim

Dying for a leak?
Although the growing season is all but finished I have spent some time out in the fresh (ish) air. As well as planting out Garlic which I had started in pots and Broad Beans (likewise) I have been weeding and this weekend cut back Globe Artichokes and Asparagus.  I have also managed to manhandle 2 more railway sleepers from the top pf the plot into the area where I plan to create my raised Strawberry bed.
What still gives me pleasure is the happening upon things that we can eat as well as a couple of carrots I pulled up a turnip and a few (rather weedy looking) Leaks.

Before the cut

Some 'Mulch' added

Sleepers at the ready

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