Friday, November 29, 2013

CAB continue to help residents of London and another shed break-in

I recently attended a West London Citizen's Advice Bureau (CAB)  Annual General Meeting and was reminded of the challenges facing many people in our population.
The meeting was held in a local library which is now managed by the CAB as a library-come- advice centre, this has the twin advantages of keeping a library in the community and providing a centre where residents can receive impartial and free help and advice.
CAB takes over library 
Although many ministers within the coalition government and the current Bank of England Governor   have trumpeted the return to growth within the UK economy we are from being at the end of the 'cuts'/'reforms' (choose your preferred characterisation), these will I fear hit London disproportionately with it's shortage of affordable housing.
Many might consider that reform is overdue but there are many who are less able and resilient who need to be helped as the social support environment changes.
Of late issues that the CAB have highlighted such as Energy poverty and Pay day loans have been reassessed - expect early warnings from the CAB to continue to influence the UK government of the day.

Shed break in (again)

I don't know it it's connected ..
But sad to report I've again had stuff pilfered from my allotment shed this time a clock and camping stove, it's curious why some things left and other things taken but it is sad and irritating - this published item suggests locking the shed can make life and shed damage worse?

Spotify worth Billions?

On a 'techie' type note I've seen in the last few days that Spotify has been valued at $4 Billion here's an article about it - if the valuation is true it is astounding.

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