Friday, November 22, 2013

Co-Op crisis for Labour and the movement (bye-bye from me) plus NOW TV with Plex server

Today after around 30 years of holding a current account with the Co-Op bank I opted to move to the (still mutual) Nationwide, the toxicity of the Co-Op bank should not be underestimated.
Although many have known of the problems the formerly 'ethical' bank has the sting around the Reverend Flowers has brought the matter to the British nation's newspapers front pages.
Unlike the other banks the Co-Op has for those on the left had a whiter than white image until the near disastrous merger with the overstretched Britannia building society, the merger which was a matter of pride at one time to Ed Balls has perhaps shown the limitations of mutuality in banking.
The loss of faith in the Co-Op bank needs to be resolved urgently before the fallout dramatically affects the high street grocer as well as Britain's Labour party where it has acted as a sympathetic backer and banker for many years.
If David Miliband were to listen  to his younger  brother Ed  on Radio 4's Desert Island Discs this Sunday he might be thanking his lucky stars that he's not Labour leader on what to all intents and purposes could be moving to a path of what could be sadly a  route to terminal decline.
Labour (as the Times points out today) will be even more reliant on the Trades Unions without the support of The Co Op bank which was to be backed by merchant bankers, the economy is even if it is despite rather than because of Osborne's policies beginning to improve and there could (almost) be some reflected glory for the Lib Dems at the next election.
I plan to further extricate my financial contacts from the Co-Op (although the story here is that customers are not voting with their feet ) and this is not something I do lightly but the Co-Op bank I joined is not the Co-Op bank that now exists and I should practice what I preach in getting the 'best' deals that I can where I can back the organisations with a clear conscience.

 Plex loading on NOW TV box

Sometime ago I mentioned that I'd not been able to resist the NOW TV Box which Sky was selling for less (just) than £10 - well this week I found a youtube clip which very clearly explained how  I could extend it's use to playing clips held on my PC and (coincidentally) youtube.
The quality and ease of use are great and Plex is easy to load and navigate too.

Here's the clip (well done VGJ Felix).

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