Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Media battles (BT versus BskyB) and media content (BBC)

The sports right battle that BT 'won' over Sky (Also known as BSkyB) and ITV has got a lot of coverage in the media the early drops in share price of both BSkyB and ITV  is indicative of the jury being out on the value that BT have placed on  the Champions League and Europa League football matches.

Sky have been battling BT hard for the UK broadband business and BT continues to fight widespread  perceptions that it's little more than a 21st century POTS is this the time that the battle is won?

Sky are powering ahead with original content  as well as out-bidding the terrestrials for many o the best US programmes it has also developed the high end Sky Arts channels which features contributions from not only Melvyn (Lord) Bragg but also Frank Skinner.

There's an interesting story here on how BT customers can now access movies from Sky now - the different  distributor- operators are in many ways tied together and the market for pay TV in the UK  as well as competitive is developed and close to saturation.

  Two from BBC iPlayer

Often the vehicles for comedy duos do not work but I've really enjoyed the first two parts of Ambassadors the BBC2 comedy drama about a British consulate in a fictional country modeled on former soviet states such as Uzbekistan. Mitchell and Webb are not cast against type, the production values and script are both accomplished and the under lying ethos with its reverence for the British values is to use the phrase  without irony 'heart warming' . 
The fictional consulate team

There was (for me) a fascinating Imagine about the writer and potter Edmund de Waal last week - I know that Yentob is something of a figure of fun but the series he fronts does fit The Public Service ethos and de Waal did have such a fascinating back story that  I went off and listened to him on Desert Island Discs.
Yentob and his fascinating subject

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