Saturday, November 09, 2013

Ealing Art Group Exhibition and choosing who you spend time with

Not a building site for too long we hope

Works that reflect the area and the people
Tomorrow is the last day of the Ealing Art Group 98th Annual exhibition of Original Painting & Craft at PM gallery Pitzhanger Manor Mattock Lane Ealing W5 5EQ.

On Friday just before the heavens opened I went along a did a quick tour of what I found to be a very eclectic mixture of works which showed not only talent and skill but also a real passion to create.
 Along with many works that I'd be very happy to have hanging on my walls at home there are a number of  sets of  Christmas cards that are unusual and far superior to those in the run of the mill chain stores.
If you've a mind to join the group as a Full Member  you need to submit  three examples of your work to the Group which is then considered by the committee or if you prefer you can join as an Associate Member.
As I left the Gallery I noted that even Walpole Park is being rebuilt

What struck me today was how important it is to associate with people you can relate to and whose company you  enjoy, far more important to work or socialise with people you like and have empathy with than to strive solely for kudos and material gain - sadly this is not necessarily something that is immediately apparent until you recognise some of the pitfalls from what is to me now such an 'obvious truth' .

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