Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Tax returns, rough sleepers and Frank Skinner on Absolute Radio

For the last 3 or 4 years I have not needed to fill out tax returns, I had forgotten how unpleasant they were and had probably been less sympathetic to the other half when providing her with various records for her to submit to her accountant - unfortunately as is so often the case good things come to an end I find that I am required to submit 3 years tax returns.
So why do I record this here? Well it seems to me that as I hunt for records of Bank interest of 51p for one of the years that the information HMRC (UIK tax people) want  is retained somewhere by the banks, companies charities  and any submission   would likely be more accurate from them, I suppose there is a question of  visibility and agreement around this but tax returns are not fun.
As I'm moaning here's another - again it appears my allotment shed has been the home for someone uninvited again - I do sympathise and  I support and have for a number of years both St Mungo's and St Giles ( charities concerned with homelessness)  although I don't suppose a notice on the shed to this effect would help me.
Frank looking serious
I really enjoy Frank Skinner's Podcast of his Saturday Morning breakfast show - very amusing and listened to this way no adverts.
I submitted an e-mail to the show a couple of weeks back and it was responded to on this week's show a first I think for me.
Franks's a bit of a contradiction (I don't think he's alone in this), a working class reformed alcoholic who remains a Labour supporter. I'm confused by him holding  to his Catholic faith as his views appear liberal and considered.

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