Monday, October 28, 2013

Richmond Theatre 1984

At the weekend we went to Richmond Theatre to catch the matinée performance of the touring 1984.
Now I've also heard recently of the importance of Dylan Thomas (it's his centenary year next year) and how phrases he'd used had become part of our everyday conversations well to me George Orwell has that in Spades.
Famously Eric Arthur Blair (Orwell's real Monica) was a posh toff who spent time living as a working man and sang the praises of the working class virtues (and vices).
Actually started as 1948
The production of 1984 we saw was very much a play that told us (I think) we were living somewhat in the Orwell's nightmare vision - Newspeak, Big Brother and Room 101 were all portrayed with a menacing dark twist.
The staging was very strong using technology and lighting to great effect. The production chose to go hell for leather with no interval and it was very far from an easy ride for the packed audience.
How far 'Political correctness' and government (and commercial institutions)  surveillance have undermined our personal freedoms is worth considering (continually).
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