Monday, October 07, 2013

365 day project!

Noah Scalin who wrote the 365 book
3 great books arrived last week (actually 4 but more about that later)
Number One is a short Zen book
Number Two is Leonard Cohen's The Favourite game
Number Three is A daily Creativity Journal (make something every day and change your life) - I'll start that tomorrow in some form.
There's quite a history of these sort of methods to unblock creativity including Brian Eno's Oblique Strategies and this type of work also reminds of what Joe Orton and his partner Ken Halliwell did in  creating  a kind collage from books they misappropriated from Camden Library.
The project by Tom Phillips - Humument is also worth of note.
Phillips who is still alive was a student of the famous (and favourite of Tom Davies) Frank Auerbach, Auberach will have a long overdue retrospective at Tate Britain in January 2015.
Interestingly Auberach was a teacher to Brian Eno.

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