Saturday, October 05, 2013

NHS Trust Governors- West London Mental Health.

Community Shop in West Ealing
On Thursday night I went to a meeting to find out a little more about becoming a  governor for the  NHS  West London Mental Health Trust. The session was held at The Recovery Hub in West Ealing this is situated behind The Community Shop in West Ealing which 
NHS foundation trusts (FTs) are the NHS organisations that provide services in hospitals, mental health services and ambulance services.They provide and develop healthcare according to core NHS principles - free care, based on need and not ability to pay.
It t is the governors' responsibility to represent the Trust's members and to hold the board to account , Governors need the  energy and enthusiasm to help shape the Trust  services and will have the necessary training to carry out the role.

I learnt a little from the meeting about the Mental Health services in West London:

  • around 20,000 patients with an income of £229 Million/year (works out at an average of about £11,000 per 'service user').
  • 78% of the expenditure is on staff.
  • The area served covers Hammersmith and Fulham, Hounslow and Ealing.

Services are

  • Local (including St. Bernard's which is being re developed)
  • Specialist & Forensic.
  • Broadmoor (The famous high security institution which can hold around 210 male patients and has links with the  Jimmy Saville investigations)

The meeting was attended by memebrs interested in becoming Governors and addressing the meeting were Nigel McCorkell (chairman ), Barbara Byrne Chief Executive and Director of Finance   and Ann Utley Foundation Trust Manager.
During the meeting a 'service user' spoke really movingly about her experiences, although nervous and  uncomfortable she helped to bring focus to the subject.
The woman spoke of how communication was failing and marginalised people were having there services sacrificed (of course) for efficiency.Examples were the closure of the John Conolly wing and the poor accommodation given to the art therapy group.

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