Saturday, October 26, 2013

Digital Art and what Digital does to Art

BBC Click
Most weeks I try to catch the BBC TV news programme 'Click', the show last week was all about Art and very good it was too (depending where you are located geographically you might be able to catch the show with the BBC iplayer which now makes programmes available for up to 30 days when downloaded).
Now the things that are  so interesting about Art and the digital world are
1) The possibilities for new creativity, 3D printers, infinitely variable projects etc etc.
2) Reproducibility both of new and existing works - an 'original' ceases  to mean anything and the super Ultra High definition screens mean that a work from a digital file can produce almost the same experience as the work in the gallery.
Now Art as well as being about a vision of some sort is undoubtedly about commerce and investment so much as iTunes and Netflix have been disruptive to music and film industries so Digital Art will be affected.
What can not be enjoyed necessarily by Art in these new technological viewings is the shared experience and the feeling of effort expended and homage paid these elements along with art of curating mean for me the gallery visiting indulgence will continue.

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