Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Kew the autumn and through the postbox

On Sunday we took a trip down for one of our semi regular visits to Kew Gardens.
I was surprised to see a blue plaque that informed of Camille  Pissarro having stayed  at one of the houses on Kew Green (just by the Anthony Worrall-Thompson restaurant).
Through the post box 1
Pissaro (1830-1903) was a great impressionist artist who influenced many others including Van Gogh.
You can see paintings of Kew (and other places) by Pissarrro here.

On the subject of Art great podcast on the definition and alignment of 'Arts' from the philosophy podcast people - if you've got 15 minutes or so take a listen ( Listen to Derek Matravers on the Definition of Art) hearing this led me to the  Tracey Emin on the Desert Island Discs archive a very bright and open woman.

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