Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Good old Radio 4 and Allotment Challenges

BBC Radio 4

As usual (for me ) Radio 4  has been providing me with plenty of radio content to make me stop and think,these include  

1) Today : Interesting to hear today  Part 3 of the Grayson Perry 2013 Reith Lectures subtitled 
Nice Rebellion,Welcome In! 

In which Grayson continued to debunk the art world, noting how Art had become mainstream and an adjunct to the world of Estate Agents (look at what's happened to Hoxton).

Aleks offer value

2) A programme The Digital Human (this is now in its fourth series)  this week the programme was called  and was about 'Value'. Aleks Krotoski is never less than considered and she selects some great people to talk to  this weeks episode addressed the changes a digital society is forcing to to make about artefacts and  posited the questions (amongst others). 'Why do people collect Vinyl?'  and 'For what reason would they choose to convert their digital compositions to analogue performances?'

and finally 
Happy ever after.

3) Don't Log Off - A great programme that this week took a searching  look at the opportunities for happiness in terms of  human relationships that  the internet is presenting - the actual relationship under the microscope was one that the presenter Alan Dein  has followed for over a year and was between an American divorcee and a Russian women with  children and a hope for a better life - the couple married on this weeks episode - I wonder how that will go?

And On the allotment

the answer?
Sad to report that this weekend (Sunday) I found that again I'd been visited by intruders again deciding to use my shed -he/she/they nicked some stuff and made a mess - I don't think it's worth making it more secure as the shed can always be broken into, what it means is that I need to carry more stuff with me when I go - a shame but not the end of the world (perhaps I should get a metal shed?)

Also the weather has created  mess and further up on the site a tree falling has damaged the fencing.
Tree damaged fence

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