Sunday, October 13, 2013

Allotment moves to autumn

As we move into the autumn - the preoccupation on the allotment is making sure that the shed is weatherproof and I continue to dig over and remove  weeds and many strawberry runners.
I 've added a small shelf outside the shed window (all wood 'found') and have started the layout of railway sleepers that will form the new strawberry bed I hope that this will limit the spread of those runners in the future - my original intention had been to lay the sleepers flat but am now considering putting them edgewise to make a  higher bed - perhaps something like this

Tomatoes are coming to an end, courgettes practically finished but there seems to be some beans to harvest and butternut squash aplenty.

365 Project

although this wont be the subject for my intended project it soes show I'm thinking - the print is also making me think about anothe printer at the moment the A3 capable  CANON PIXMA iX6550 is looking favourite at around £150 it has some glowing reviews.
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