Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Whitechapel Gallery and Idea 96 is Politics

 I continue to check out a few of the very many London cultural highlights and today I add the Whitechapel Gallery to those I have had the pleasure to have visited.
Whitechapel Gallery
The Whitechapel Gallery founded in 1901 is actually directly above one of the entrances to the Aldgate East underground station and  was extended (the extension opened in April 2009 )  to take in the former Bethnal
Outside is a blue plaque commemorating the First world War poet Isaac Rosenberg.
The roll call of influential artists who have shown at the Whitechapel is one that many larger galleries would envy and includes Picasso, Rothko and Pollock.
The gallery that I particularly enjoyed today was the return of the Barbara Jones curated works that make up  Black Eyes and Lemonade (from the Thomas More Poem relating to  a Persian heaven I understand)  - The use of found everyday objects is refreshing (certainly in 1951)  and was influential on British Pop Art including (Sir) Peter Blake.
Also liked the Cerith Wyn Evans conceptual work showing.

Big Idea 96 Politics

After the big news regarding former British Premier Margaret Thatcher's death this week seems right that Politics should be on our lips as an idea.
Some say it's a science others that its an art, one thing for sure is that Aristotle spent some time thinking about it (so it's important) he reckoned it was an art ... The art of the possible
Political science is a subject studied widely it concerns the study of governments, public policies and political processes, systems, and political behaviour.
Often single issue politics can create a political party but these do not always sustain - e.g. UKIP (perhaps).

Here's a rather familiar political joke (Not Nick Clegg)