Thursday, April 25, 2013

The joys of sleepers, up all night to get lucky.. and Idea #106 War

I have been kindly given a load of railway sleepers which I plan to use to assemble a raised bed probably for Strawberries and herbs. There is some concern about the effect of creosote and it might be worth me lining the inner of the beds with some barrier.
I didn't realise how heavy sleepers are but another plot holder very kindly helped me to start moving them.
The last few days have been very busy with starting seeds off (melons today in propagating tray) also Parsnips and Carrots sown into the ground.
 Hopefully it'll look like this in the future (left).

Got Lucky (but deservedly)

How good is it to see Nile Rogers (with Daft Punk) back at the top of the charts (where he belongs.).
It's interesting because it has that Chic vibe and is the Sound of Summer 2013 (quite something to be saying that about a track  that's made by a French music duo).
This groove is an example of fantastic feel good music no doubt about it and if you've read Nile's autobiography I think you'll probably recognise that he's one of the good guys with an mazing talent and humanity - great stuff..

Big Idea 106 is War

Is all war wrong? Can the ends justify the means?
Many people would say that there were just wars (perhaps the war against Nazi-sm)
Even if you agree that war can be acceptable, what are the conditions that must be met (there are still debates about the war against Iraq and 'the war on terror').
If war is fought there is expectation that the Geneva convention will be adhered to - but was what happened in Coventry, Dresden and Hiroshima justifiable?
Here's a clip from the Hutton enquiry into the 2nd Iraq war.