Thursday, April 18, 2013

Growing time and idea #101 is Constitutionalism

Growing time

Fence contractors
Lots of horticultural  stuff going on, at the allotment contractors are replacing fencing, I've been digging, working in farmyard materials and removing weeds.
I have also been busy planting seeds, potatoes and fruit bushes over the last week or so.

Early potatoes that had been 'chitting' away (unknown to me) are in and are of the Arran pilot variety.

New Fence
I have put in various seeds indoors in propagating trays these include: Artichoke,  Aubergine Courgette and Broccoli

Outdoors I've put in seed trays for  Cabbages, Cauliflower French Beans and Kale.

and I also planted  a couple of bargain (£1.00 shop) fruit bushes) they're Gooseberry Ribes uva crispa and BlackcurrantRibes Nigrum Ojebyn.

Big idea number 101 is Constitutionalism

Typically a  countries' Constitution summarises the rights and responsibilities of the citizens in a nation.  The constitution is intended to address Political liberty and represent the will of the people.
Constitutions can be written documents (like that of the USA) which was written in the 1870s) or an unwritten one like that of the UK's 'social contract.
Here's a good resource if you want to find out more