Thursday, April 04, 2013

email problems and 91 Chaos Theory

email problems

Alright - I'd like to apologise to those who have received emails from me promoting (I think) some weight change possibilities - what a pain it is to feel that you've filled others inbox with rubbish although it was done I guess by some strange clandestine operation... Gather that Yahoo! are looking at the problem - aggressively.

Perhaps my best photo so far

I reckon I have been taking photo's for not too far short of 50 years-The other night I looked out the rear windows as night fell and saw an image I wanted to capture - I took a few photo's and this is the one I'm happiest with.
To me it's a sort of Edward  Hopper for the 21st century - be great to make it as a picture that actually emitted a bit of light - if you fill your PC screen with it and take all the lights off -I hope you can appreciate it anyway - any ideas for a title?
Mine is too long and messy 'Nighthawks after they get home photo in  the 21st century after Edward Hopper. (not good)
night shot.

91 Chaos Theory (funnily enough I had this down as 92)

When I saw that Crofton's big idea number 91 was Chaos Theory I was a little intimidated, but having looked at it is (to me) logical and deterministic in scope.

If you've heard the phrase about a butterfly's wings - actually it was Predictability: Does the Flap of a Butterfly's Wings in Brazil Set Off a Tornado in Texas?

 Edward Lorenz now pretty much acknowledged as the father of chaos theory was the guy who saw the effects of a very small change in a single factor during early computational work on meteorological factors - he noted that omitting last 4 significant numbers from a variable in the
calculation vastly changed the outcome.

So Chaos Theory majors in the fact that although events are possible to determine it  is essential to take into account all the factors - to me this means that even supposedly random things like Lotto numbers on a Saturday Night  can be predicted if enough detail is gone into.

Postscript 5th April 2013
I note from the Melvyn Bragg On Giants Shoulders Book that Chaos Theory probably has an early mover with the French Mathematician Jules Henri Poinacre along with his work on Chaos he is noted as the instigator of the field of Topology (as used in London Underground maps).