Friday, April 05, 2013

New Gizmo (remote camera) and idea 92 Artificial Intelligence

Dinky little camera
After a some research I have purchased a remote controlled web camera, it cost me about £40 and it is complete and ready to go - there's a number of models available (got this one from Ebay) the dealer was Ethshop and I can report that I'm very happy with their  prompt service.
Balding me
This camera is great for security purposes and can do scans up & down as well as Right to Left.
In hindsight I could perhaps have looked for a model with Electronic Zoom - but this has got a whole load of possibilities that I've yet to fully check out including  PPPoE  so, hopefully I'll be able to provide online access giving web browsers to this page the chance to drive it too. With a few of these I can provide a full security service.

Idea 92 is Artificial Intelligence

The big Idea today is Artificial Intelligence which might sound a bit tautological to some (like friendly fire) .
Alan Turing is famed  for his Turing test (as well as his Bletchley Park code breaking work) created to pick out Computers from Humans. I gather from the Crofton 'Bible'  that a Chinese Room test  was used by John Searle to rebut the Turing analysis.

The idea of AI  to me is moot and many would say that we've already got computers that can fool people but I reckon  intelligence  is much more; perhaps involving creativity- those strange links that humans have made through the years - the Shakespeares and Einsteins of this world?