Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What happened in Boston and 'Half way house' Idea #100 is the Law


The explosions in Boston during the Marathon Run there is sadly not unprecedented. Efforts to understand the cause of the actions by the person or persons behind the action are likely to show a troubled individual facilitator acting in a small group or alone.
If we look back to another crime committed on Patriots' Day we see the person convicted the Oklahoma Bomber Timothy McVeigh (who it was thought initially was acting alone -although it appears this was not in fact the case).
Innocent victim

What is so tragic to see in this Boston incident  (and is also the case in other similar terrorist atrocities) is that the people who are killed, those who suffer along with their families and friends are 'civilian victims' and merely collateral damage not actually being targeted, the act is it seems about publicity for a perceived crime by the 'state'.

Can such crimes where the initiators are expressly aiming to kill and maim and where a young child of eight loses his life be justified and how should society act to avoid other atrocities in the future?

Idea 100 - The LAW

So I am half way through the Big Idea book and today the  topic number 100  is The Law..

Crofton reckons that a system of law is one of the most important things for a State to have, citing the law as being part of the process of the widening of democracy in ancient Greece.

There is no guarantee that all Laws will be just or the that all courts will carry out their duties without favour but the principles should be followed and the practice of the law should be transparent and applied to all equally.

On the continent they tend to use a system derived from Roman Law whereas  the UK and USA use a system of common law with its emphasis on precedent.

The Roman Legal framework is inquisitorial while the UK/USA (and some other commonwealth countries) favour an adversarial system where Prosecution and Defence representatives battle the case out.

Juries often deliver a verdict having watched the case being put the fact that it is normal people (like you and me, well me anyway) provides another crucial safeguard.

It is illuminating to see how the law is tied in with democracy and human rights (dictatorships rarely have  legitimate courts as they are unduly influenced by politicians).

It is important to keep the law in proportion ands not for it to affect all areas of life (particularly stuff between consenting adults)

So the half way point on ideas The Law is truly an important and relevant topic to consider- some things to further reflect on here .