Saturday, April 27, 2013

Views from Hammersmith and #107 Pacifism

Yesterday I took a short trip to The Riverside Studios in Hammersmith, some time since I've been there but saw that they had an exhibition of work by Tony Philips of London landmarks, in fact the show ends on Tuesday ands I reckon that it's worth a look - This exhibition is related to graphic work for an illustrated booklet based on Tony's 10-year survey of London it's a great view onto contemporary London life and has (for me) a Hogarthian quality. Could be that the publication is worth getting.

One of Tony's vignettes


Idea 107 Pacifism

One of the (many) good things about Crofton's Big Ideas book is how the ideas link and build on each other, so I don't think having had war and violence pacifism will be such a surprise.
Many religions espouse Pacifism (Buddhism and the Quaker faith spring to mind) but it is not unusual for soldiers to ask God for help before battle considering that the war they are to fight is a just one.
India's struggle against colonialism was aided by Gandhi's principled Pacifism and Martin Luther King took the moral high ground in forwarding the cause of Civil rights in the USA.