Thursday, January 11, 2007

Venice and PSUs

Having had my second power supply in my PC die I'm becoming an old hand at replacing the module and I feel more comfortable with the Maplin 300 watt model I stuck in last night let's hope it hangs on until Windows Vista is in the UK shops when I may consider getting a new Laptop to use docked or in portable mode.

I seem to be sworn to secrecy on the Venice Project (TV on the PC) that I've just become a beta tester of (sounds grander than it is) at the risk of being done away with while I sleep I will say I like the 'standby' which takes you to a white dot - hopefully there'll be some more content soon and the tests will widen out.

Managed to sell my old PDA (sharp one) and thus keep in balance with respect to getting rid of stuff (I've now got a HP iPaq PDA ) - not sure what I'll offer for sale next on e-bay probably a camera or radio.
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