Saturday, January 27, 2007

this week media stuff

The TLA might interest games but actually it’s Public Service Publisher in this instance.
Interesting developments around non commercial broadcaster this week with OFCOM suggesting a non traditional broadcaster, based outside London and getting £50m per year.
Questions are
1) How is it run/constituted? Some thought is that the money could come from the part of the BBC licence fee that is being used to provide support at digital switchover to the vulnerable (old and poor who can’t cope or afford the switch) .That is once switchover is completed.
2) Does it carry advertising (sponsorship would seem to be a funding model that is not yet heavily exploited in the UK)?
3) Why?
OFCOM suggest it’s for a 'hole' that the market doesn’t fill, I’m not so sure the hole exists or will exist by the time the body is agreed.
C4 Sale back on the agenda?
Repercussions around C4’s CBB continue and Gordon Brown who suffered the fallout while he was in India is known to be in favour of at least considering a privatisation, it could be on the Agenda when/if Gordon becomes PM (what does Ed ball's think?) seems like an easy win for the treasury coffers. A change at the top of C4 might be needed to steady nerves and at least improve the sartorial level there.
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