Monday, January 15, 2007

Interesting Media Stories

Couple of items I’ve noted of late ..

Bskyb and ITV

There’s a theory that Sky’s long term interest in ITV is for the production side of things Endemol has shown the sort of value that the market is putting on content and Sky does suffer from being a publisher of second or third rate programmes (some would say) – if ITV could secure it’s sure fire winners it might be interested in doing something (perhaps) – as the Times says this would be a long term play.

and ..

BBC (Website) to take Advertising

This (to me) is a right old shocker; outside the UK the BBC will start to carry paid for advertising on its much visited (and respected) website – no surprise that there’ll be recruiting plenty of advertising sales people. BBC Trust and ‘The value test’ have to come first, I hope they look at this properly.

The other thing worthy of note is this 43 (wikipedia can you tell you why its 43) – anyone who wants to take thier New year's resolutions further might care to visit – I’m going to put together something like 5; more I think is too optimistic.

In the background

Today's Vinyl playing as I type is mister heartbeak - cracking stuff from the fantastic Laurie Anderson.

Here's a link to 'Sharkey's day' from the above album- great stuff.

Don't forget that it's a worthy public holiday in the USA, it's Martin Luther King Jr's day ....

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