Sunday, January 07, 2007

Logik IR 100

Having trialled the AE Wi-Fi Radio I was very pleased that Christmas ‘present’ed me with an internet radio the very solidly built DSG sourced Logik Wi-Fi radio. Although it has only 5 presets it’s otherwise pretty similar to the Acoustic Energy receiver that I’d become accustomed to over the last couple of months. Another review on the radio is here.
The BBC’s on demand services mean that there’s always something to listen to and as well as removing the limitations of time the receiver compresses distance so I can listen to quirky US stations as well as Lynx disco and Hong Kong radio.
The AE had arrived without an instruction manual and I did not manage to get to the bottom of why I wasn’t able to play MP3 files on my PC, after a bit of a struggle and absolutely no help from Microsoft I managed to stumble across the method of listening to these files on the Logik, it’s another great plus that means I can listen to downloaded podcasts and music I’ve copied to my PC.
The receiver points the way to what we can expect from IPTV receiver and I think the navigation for locating content although somewhat primitive could form the basis of the way to get around genres and location.
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