Tuesday, January 30, 2007


On the earlier theme of too much affluence I see a book has been published and once I’ve got rid of three books I recently purchased I might buy it.
(Boring cover tho' isn't it?)

Sell yourself

Somewhat fascinated by the young man from Australia who is selling himself on the internet, it’s an interesting idea a step further than all my life for sale (on ebay).
Another source of interest in the story is that the guy who is said to be a philosophy graduate appears to be virtually illiterate (here’s his web site – perhaps I’m being hard?) and is somewhat confusing described as a Socialist and also as an Entrepreneur – The TV show could be good anyway.
Radio PDA
The new PDA I have (HP 2970 -I’ve sold my old one on ebay so that’s okay) is impressive, I’ve managed to get real player loaded and can use it as a live and on demand radio next will be trying to tie to my phone and perhaps more..
The other amazing thing is the memory expansion costs, I've ordered a 2GB SD for less than £20 - no wonder floppy discs are no longer selling
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