Monday, January 01, 2007

The Future

Media & Tech

In the UK the BBC has backed itself into an awkward corner over digital switchover and the licence fee. This brings into serous doubt the competency of the DG Mark Thompson

The Venice Project is generating a lot of interest and has some significant backers with good track records the big battle now seems to be over IPTV.


Lib Dems – The Ming Dynasty looks likely to come to an early end with many in the party unhappy with the leaders performance, the party though has a challenge finding an experienced successor especially taking into account the curse of Lembit is not going to be easy.

The Labour government has been tremendously successful and for me part of the reason for this is what has been almost a dual leadership between Prime Minster and chancellor there’s a need for a strong balancing power to likely new PM Gordon Brown as he has undoubted bullying proclivities.

The Conservatives look likely to continue their modernising progress and Cameron is showing real mettle in this


I hope that UK citizens begin to revolt in respect to the nanny state, ID cards and increasing snooping

Highlight for me is my continued health I hope to maintain this in 2007 by moderate exercise and keeping an eye on my liquid and solid intake.

Best to all of you in your hopes and ambitions for 2007 (it makes me want to dance like an elf ).
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