Saturday, January 13, 2007

Russell Brand Podcast if you're in need of a laugh

Russell Brand Podcast
If you’re in need of a laugh I can not recommend this podcast too highly, Russell (to me) is far funnier on radio than on TV and I’m not sure what the show is like with music; without (again to me) it’s laugh out loud and although he’s incredibly self obsessed there’s something amazingly fun about the experience of listening to him and some mates having a good time – try it and let me know if I’m wrong.


Another fun thing to do on the internet is to make your own music channel stick in a few of your favourite artists and/or tunes mix them up and you’re away, it’s part of some clever project but none the worst for that. You need to have a US zip code (to prove you’re a resident - tee-hee) here’s some stuff about it.

SellingNext up from me on e-bay will be the flash gun Canon 188A (Closely followed by the AE1 Camera).

Beatles Love

Christmas brought me four great CDs Beatles Love being amongst them – there’s a couple of cool radio programmes about this and in fact it’s part of a phenomenon which is called mash up and it’s about more than just music
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