Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Only in Japan and Getting Kantian

A different league to the 'copy' at V&A

Had a particularly interesting letter and enclosure from Japanese friend yesterday, she'd had a short holiday in Southern Japan and sent me  information on the Otsuka Museum ( Naruto City in the Tokushima Prefecture), it is amazing.

I went to find out more and got a good clip on Youtube – it certainly saves a lot of flying and travel and great to see  –that  there's a work of Roy Lichtenstein included.

 I enjoyed seeing the copy of Raphael’s ‘School of Athens’ at the V and A in London but this something altogether beyond that.

Not the one recreated in Ceramic.

Books -Maximum Volume

Reading is getting difficult for me (see below) Youtube often does a better job - having said that am enjoying so far Maximum Volume  biography of George Martin which arrived yesterday -George Martin it seems was far more than the 5th Beatle.

An example, perhaps a better one than the 'boys' of class mobility - humble beginnings some luck and great musical talent meant he was accepted by all - it seems (from the book so far) that  he had integrity and also great ability to mix a dry martini.


Apparently we'll be looking at what Kant thought on Ethics tomorrow at CityLit , oddly I see that he's one of the most mentioned philosophers (by me!)

 But I'm struggling with him (still)  having read the Onora O'Neill piece on him for 'homework' - he is famously difficult to read but I'm sure that I can use that as an excuse here.

Perhaps I'll revisit after tomorrow!

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