Thursday, February 22, 2018

Liverpool 25 -ish years on (and back home)

And back..

The weather was kind to us.
So a good trip to see a City that has reinvented itself on several occasions, I'm not sure how much of the current  reincarnation is attributable (in part at least)  to Lord Heseltine.


Among the drivers for Tourism in Liverpool the Beatles are undoubtedly among the top 5 - there's still a magic associated with the group and its roots in the city nearly 50 years since they ceased to be a group.

The Beatles were more than just John and Paul so I felt sad to hear of Quincy Jones bad mouthing  many but Ringo in particular and where's his house on this postcard!

There's something about a civic statue to a bunch of young men who (with George Martin & Brian Epstein)  helped culturally shape the world we now inhabit - it's not what statues and memorials commemorated  for hundreds of years - 

Their spirit permeates the city

Could be better (who is who?)

Eating out

I enjoyed the variety of eateries our last evening meal was a Spanish  restaurant where we enjoyed Tapas - and even there a Liverpool twist was on the menus with a 'Scouse' Tapas.

Lunya- Eating here caused some discomfit 

The meal though was influenced by the sight of people living in the Street opposite - The  Homeless I discovered are not only a problem in London and I recognise the issue is not just about money - many of the rough sleepers are battling demons of earlier issues they've confronted. 


But Liverpool is lively  there's the Graffiti of 
Dotmaster in Parr Street, exciting street art in new housing developments and shopping malls.

Parr St - One of the works by Dotmaster
In one of areas with expensive shops 

Colourful Sculpture - Part of a new development at the back of our hotel

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