Thursday, February 15, 2018

There's free soup here, Photo Manipulation and 'A real Stoic'

If the Economist can do it - why not others for those who need it

The news that a homeless man had died near the UK centre of government is surely a wake-up call for us all (politicians especially).

Austerity is a busted flush (I think is now the accepted wisdom) - last years we've seen homeless numbers shooting up, it doesn't help anyone that those with Drink, Drugs and medical health issues are left to struggle alone without accommodation.

Big questions at present about institutionalised charities - and the increasingly self serving third sector - but come on help those who are in plain sight on our streets.


It's a neat application but I'm still only on the nursery slopes - most of yesterday afternoon, trying bu  bumping into things (as an analogy).

We should give these (Photo-shopped) Stoics a chance to become Epicureans 


I do like to think about stuff- it can be academic but reminded that Philosophy does tell us something (just the action of creating some time and space for it).

Having thought about the Epicureans versus Stoics , perhaps as a purely academic matter it was humbling to spend some time with someone who was able to show me a real embodiment  of Stoicism made 'real' - wishing him well today.
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