Monday, February 26, 2018

Banks closing, Council Elections coming soon (plus Right and Wrong)

Well the Co-Op bank was at one time the bank with 'Ethics' - After the fiasco at the top it has become to my mind a struggling outfit, an  also ran and  it seems also  to be going to the bank with ever fewer branches, I used to use this branch in Holborn it's closing soon..

Co-Op Bank - Now a dwindling network 

The Brexit Fiasco continues

The UK Local Elections are not too far away and I have some sympathy for people going door to door and trying to explain their parties' positions on Brexit  (unless they are Lib-Dems where the picture is clear.. or UKIP, where the disaster of the party is also clear  and then they have my sympathies for other reasons).

Now agreeing amongst yourselves as the Tory Cabinet ministers did on their PR friendly  away-day is one thing  but selling this to the party MPs , the leaders of the 26 EU  countries or the electorate at large is a rather different (and perhaps more important) goal.

Sometimes quitting is the right thing to do - but whoever  would replace Mrs May this new  leader at present has to handle the same issues and the biggest of the issue is the maths  - and these maths are likely to become tougher as economic news gets gloomier .

At the start of my course on Ethics I struggled to understand why Plato (in The Republic) thought that Philosopher Kings should lead a nation state - I'm beginning to think that it might be a better solution than self serving over ambitious career politicians!

Homosexuality laws around the world.

Having put some focus on Ethics of late I'm finding myself more conscious of what can be considered right and wrong, while not necessarily making a judgement myself I'm puzzled by those in public life who do and then go on ignore their belief - I sometimes wonder why  politicians have so little  commitment to what they think is right?

In particular was surprised to find that homosexual acts are still illegal in many states including Far East countries like  Indonesia and some countries  that are part of the UK led Commonwealth - these include Malaysia and Singapore.

I find that in China laws were somewhat liberalised around 20 years or so ago but in Iran the homosexual act can still lead to a death penalty - should we deal and trade with countries that act in this way in the 21st Century?

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