Saturday, March 03, 2018

Another Picture of the week and more Kant

Well my latest project is a sort of virtual Calendar and fitting in well with it is an idea to try and have a monthly picture in the Ealing Gazette - this (February) sort of sneaked in under the wire as although it was in this weeks' paper it was taken and submitted on the 27th.

2 of twelve - perhaps

It does still give a thrill to see a photo of mine in the local paper.
And time passes

Getting over it

I suppose (begrudgingly) I welcome Theresa May's statement on Brexit - there seems to  be an admission that things are not just about the EU being difficult, we'll lose some things and (hopefully) gain some other  - it all feels like a terrible divorce though - have we gone so far that the 2 parties are irreconcilable - can we be 'friends'? 

A friend who has attached himself perhaps to firmly to the Re-moaners seems unable to move on (although he has moved on to live in Europe) - in fact there is not an absolute on this and time will tell it how it all pans out, a Cousin too (who has property in Spain) equally focused on the mess (as he sees it) that has been made - the idea that IDS, Jacob or Boris care about anything as deeply as themselves was always going to be  a fantasy - John Major again identifies as a 'decent' man - any surprises?

But at least there does seem to be some honesty abroad - those who are for what's termed a Hard Brexit can hopefully accept that there is a cost associated with it 

We had a snack lunch today and youngish couple had a falling out seemingly about something trivial - it ended with them both leaving without eating their food (which they'd paid for) - no winners in the short term, I hope they made it up , but the food was taken away uneaten.

More Kant 

A Please would be nice... but ..

Again more was revealed by Ariel in CityLit Philosophy class - Kant's main thing was intent we should have good intent - but we're not allowed to lie (even if it's for good intent it seems ?)
This would undermine and be self defeating.

Philosophy is undoubtedly a tough one - Stoics may have won me over - it is all fleeting and time passes (?)

Bear this in mind -from

Stoicism has just a few central teachings. It sets out to remind us of how unpredictable the world can be. How brief our moment of life is. How to be steadfast, and strong, and in control of yourself. And finally, that the source of our dissatisfaction lies in our impulsive dependency on our reflexive senses rather than logic.

Remember the snow - it was cold and the worst thing that could happen - it's nearly gone now...

All around us there are lessons in how to be Stoic

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