Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The artist Nick Pearson presents his own work ..

A piece of the Sky
Hatched etc.
Last night as an adjunct to the Modern Art course held by the OPEN Ealing Art director Nick Pearson held a session on his own work where his insights into the creative process were also revealed.
Again Nick spoke about how art can answer questions - how would a paint can coated with its contents look? How can a dustpan be made  a luxury item? Nick's work even grappled with that thorny philosophical concept Trigger's Broom (aka Ship of Theseus or The Sugarbabes).
Many of Nick's works start from a premise of 'found' items (quite literally as objects from the side of the street and skips were vital elements).
Much of Nick's work also plays with language and meaning like his bed-head  related to gravestones and equally a bed-head that alludes to a grave and the ideas around this.

Nick is looking to run a course on Modern Design this autumn if it's anything like as good as his tour of Modern Art then it'll be worth West Londoners checking it out - details when I get them.
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