Saturday, September 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Len and Labour renounces 'Bedroom Tax

Len and Sharon
So September 21st and Leonard Cohen  hits 79 - he reckons when his 80th comes around he'll be back on the fags it really is a birthday to celebrate and I'll be raising a glass to the man later today.
Here's a lovely picture of Leonard with Sharon Robinson (from an article) with who Leonard has successfully collaborated with on many great songs (including I'm Your Man) and who has supported him on multiple tours.

Hopefully Leonard learnt from Joshi on Mount Baldy the technique of living to a ripe old age (Joshi is a controversial Zen master clocking in at 106).

Party Season.

The political parties (in the UK) are having their annual love-ins and the UKIP media storm has shown Nick Clegg to have been relatively gaffe free with his recent outing, today the news that Ed Milliband has committed his party top rescinding the so called bedroom tax looks like good news but  (and I don't like this tax) will it help a leader who looks increasingly out of fashion and time to get votes?
Winning a popular mandate in the UK is about a few things problems here include Labour voters are more difficult to mobilise, many people who will struggle with paying rent in the 'social' sector might not go and vote.
Not a great winner
Labour stalwarts might think a return to pre Blair-ite ideas is the way forward, in fact (I think) this is not the case and more change and modernisation is needed certainly the true nature of Gordon Brown's reign is likely to reflect badly on his lieutenants who included Balls and Milliband minor.
If Cameron's Tories have a good conference Labour will look seriously marginalised and out of step and a Foot like disappointment at the election in 2015 will be on the cards he needs reminding that he needs to convert floating voters and enthuse the rank and file Labour supporters to have a chance to win.

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