Thursday, September 12, 2013

Chris Ofili and the Brother 1080 labeller

Not sure about the scarf
On Monday Nick Pearson gave one of his contemporary art lectures on the YBA Chris Ofili, Ofili although British born has explored the use (quite heavily) of Elephant dung as a component part of his works.
Ofili was born in Manchester to Nigerian parents and studied in London during his studies he visited Zimbabwe and later Trinidad where he now lives his early work centred on black identity issues
including his emotional tribute to the mother of the murdered black teenager Stephen Lawrence -  Doreen Lawrence, this painting was called No Woman No Cry - I have seen the painting in the Tate Britain and like many other works it is difficult to appreciate the craft and work until one is in front of it.

We all label stuff..

I think I've mentioned that the horticultural enterprise had been challenged by my lack of ability to keep records and label seedlings as I've grown things, am hoping that the bargain purchase of a Brother P-Touch 1080 device at the bargain price of  £16.99 from Robert Dyas will help me with this. We're hoping we can use it to label food in the freezer too as it has a neat method of adding the date.
Here's a review of the unit

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