Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Is it a Jobs Fair just because that's what it was called?

Home of Jobs Fair in Acton
Today as a presumptive Financial CapabilityTrainer with  the CAB I went along to the Acton Jobs Fair – seemed to me that for the time I was there couple of things missing one being Jobs (I reckon a craft fair would be expected to have some crafts?) the other was people (perhaps they all knew about the missing ingredient).

Strange thing to see was various voluntary and 'third sector' organisations networking with one another shame the people who really need the assistance were under represented – it's sad to report how so many people especially the vulnerable (I'm thinking here particularly of those living with mental health problems) have been marginalised in the last 25 years or so, I don't know what the cure is but I did notice that when I googled 'The Old Oak Jobs Fair' (which is what it was called) not much came up but here's some news about the March 2013 event.

Reliably informed that local residents had been leafleted, perhaps not the most effective targeting though, I don't wish to decry efforts that people are making but unfortunately they're not good enough - problem is as I was discussing with a friend at the weekend I (and he) expect more from others than ourselves and are (of course) repeatedly disappointed!

And in the News..

The Labour Party  -it seems that Ed Miliband  after a jittery start to his leadership of the British
Labour Party has now resumed with a jittery middle - there's areal need for some engagement and vision but Labour (to me) is far too concerned with looking inwards and addressing its own structural issues.

Syria - my personal take on this is that firstly the avoidance of UK troops/advisors is good news and secondly the possibility of the Russians helping to broker a deal on the Chemical weapons that will avoid US military involvement is good news - a policy of negotiation with the awareness of  the USA  ultimately backing up a UN position (hopefully) against use of Chemical/biological weapons is also good news,


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