Monday, September 16, 2013

Len's Old Ideas at the O2

Last night we had a treat.
It's about a year since we saw Leonard (he's a sportsman and a shepherd) in concert last year at Wembley Arena this year (again) the O2 .
For a man of 78 (79 next Saturday) he has a fantastic amount of energy and an amazing memory playing songs both old and (relatively) new for around two and a half hours is not something too many people of his age could do.
For me it was nice to feel that I was again one of the younger members of an audience but his appeal does seem cross generational with many young and nimble amongst the throng.
Highlights for me were Sharon Robinson, 'Going Home' (the song not the journey) and 'Amen' both from The Old Ideas album - lowlights no acrobatics from the Webb Sisters! Set-list can be seen here, interesting to see that there's a new unreleased song -I've got a little secret

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