Thursday, September 19, 2013

Clegg and the 'bedroom tax' (not one of the things he said no to)

Today when I was paying for my groceries the assistant looking at The 'i' asked me about the bedroom tax headline asked me " what's that about?' we had a brief discussion and the comment from her was very clear 'that's not fair'.
Already there's a swell of people (claimants) who have had their support reduced who are moving into rent arrears and the councils need to handle this issue.
The UN's Raquel Rolnik (their rapporteur on housing) has made the judgement that  UK's "bedroom tax" should be abolished as it punishes the most vulnerable in society.
What are the savings likely to be at the end of the day, well according to some it might end up costing the government money by forcing some tenants out of public sector housing into more expensive private properties.
So what do Nick Clegg and his group of refuseniks think about it - perhaps it wasn't in his list of  things he'd not countenance -here's a great piece of background from the 'Huffington Post' which will give you the chanve to hear Nick speaking to a sick lady who is being impacted.
Nick claims he got these things removed  but there are vulnerable people who are being coerced into moving home and labelled (again) as scroungers - not sure if it's too late to reconsider this hard hearted policy.

Yeo in front of a painting

Tandy on the Radio and Yeo on the Telly

Having mentioned recently what an interesting artist Michael Tandy it was great to hear him amongst other artists talking about what accompaniments they have to their creative workings on BBC radio 4Sound Painting.

Another good arts programme, this time BBC2 TV was the reflection on Jonathan Yeo's portraits on The Culture Show.

One last cultural highlight for now- this Autumn season's Tate Etc. magazine  has a nice article by Alain de Botton on some things we can get from Art...

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