Monday, February 11, 2013

YouTube on Freesat, the Pope quits and # 52 Hedonism

Bye Bye Benedict

So the big story of today is the imminent departure of the current pontiff Pope Benedict XVI he's leaving the Roman Catholics top job to pursue other interests. After a long time working with one of leading brands in the religious lifestyles sector he's moving on to allow for a CEO who can bring some new life to what many see as a somewhat behind the times sect.

Many have been asking if it's time for a Black Pope or perhaps even a woman but any dramatic change will need to be carefully handled as the followers are very much conservative (with a small c).
The Pope is said to have an on-going  connection with St Peter who Roman Catholics believe created the Papacy.

Of course despite the fact that at 85 and said to be suffering from Parkinson's disease there are rumours and conspiracy theories abroad over the timing of the former young Nazis departure.

Whoever the successor to the current Pope is to remain relevant in the 21st Century they will need to deal urgently  with structural and theological renewal as well as reviewing the church's teachings on birth control, homosexuality and the role of women in the Church.

Freesat adds YouTube (Freetime only)

Another example of the competition amongst UK TV platforms was on show today as the Freesat platform announced that next month (March) YouTube will be available on the newish Freetime models (so far only a Humax decoder offer this).
It's a shame that successive additions demand new hardware purchases but this sounds like a nice option.

Big Idea 52 is Hedonism

It seems logical (well done Mr Crofton) that the follow up to Happiness is Hedonism.
Aristippus was a leading figure in the Hedonistic movement and made clear that there was more to Hedonism than just self indulgence, Epicureans built on his work.
This might throw a bit of  light into an ideal Hedonistic lifestyle.