Monday, February 04, 2013

Huhne admits guilt and # 47 Morality

So first of all I did feel a (small) amount of sympathy to Lib Dem MP Chris Huhne as the pretences around his earlier claims were revealed to be lies.
I then listened to what he said and revisited some of his earlier denials.

Does Chris Huhne believe that the passage of 10 years means that the lies he told recently made the earlier lies any less lies?

Does Huhne not think an apology is in order to those who stood by him - there wasn't one.

Huhne like so many of those in politics is a rich man and could well have managed without his driving for a period of disqualification following the speeding offence but presumably felt that the law should not apply to him?

As many have pointed out many politicians enjoy danger and it has been suggested that they may profession may attract people who exhibit  the tendencies of sociopath - might be worth  taking a look at the list here before poo-pooing.

Huhne  now he joins the  group of disgraced UK politicians that includes Jonathan  Aitken and Jeffery Archer a victim like them of a distorted view of their own importance and invulnerability.
If you look at this clip I think you'll recognise the political world will not be poorer as a result of him leaving the Westminster stage - but still ultimately there's a sadness to this story

Strange then that the big Idea today is Number 47 Morality.

Morality is a noun, and the word's defined as

1. Principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behaviour.
2. Behaviour as it is affected by the observation of these principles.
In Philosophy morality is a system  of beliefs about what is good (and bad) when the agreed standards are ignored the behaviour is typically labelled as immoral.
Some (still) believe that  morality is defined 'divinely'  (this - of course can be problematic) in modern western societies the law is used as a means of implementing morality.
If you do not adhere to the morality through ignorance you might be labelled amoral (not immoral).
Here's an interesting podcast on the topic from the Philosophy Bites gang.