Friday, February 08, 2013

Bill Phillips and #50 The Golden Mean

Phillips with his machine
Tim Harford can be relied on to provide stimulating subjects to his audiences be they in print or via his radio programmes, I'm not sure how he came to know of Bill Phillips (described by him as the Indiana Jones of Economists) but really made me want to know more about the guy - you can learn  a little of this New Zealand polymath and War hero  here.
As Harford infers (I think)  there was in the post WWII firmament an idea that things could be 'fixed' rather than just analysed and explained -not sure if this spirit can be revived?
You can see Harford talking about Phillips here. Get Adobe Flash player


Wow I'm at number 50 - The Golden Mean

Aristotle was a man who saw the benefits of moderation and the Golden Mean is all about moderation.
An example often given is how we consider courage, extreme courage is recklessness and a deficiency is Cowardice. Here's a summary of the concept of Aristotle's Golden Mean.

The Video's here!