Sunday, February 03, 2013

A little about Chad Varah

Chad Varah by all accounts was a remarkable man  born over 100 years ago he is said, when confronted by difficult situations  to have asked himself  "what would Jesus have done?"
As well as the founding of the organisation that came to be known as the Samaritans  he was a pioneer in welcoming divorced people to celebrate their second marriages in church, he was also a patron of the Terrence Higgins Trust.
The fact that Varah was able to remain with in the Church of England and be honoured as a Companion of Honour by the Queen says much of the man.
Unusual in the extreme  he worked as an illustrator for the Eagle comic and believed in reincarnation.
As suicide and angst continue to blight the lives of many in the UK and across the world the organisation he effectively founded (The Samaritans) continues to offer a non-judgemental  ear to those in crisis.
You can hear Chad's record selection for Desert Island Discs here.
And here's a YouTube  related to the Samaritans work in the UK.