Sunday, February 10, 2013

Compost, Ealing Arts and # 51 Happiness

Happy New Year (Chinese version) to all


Current composting
Preparing timber for compost box
When I visited the Kensington Gardens allotment  I very much admired both the tidiness and the Composting system, it'll be a real struggle for me to get anywhere close to the same level of attention to detail on my own plot but my intention is to emulate the 3 stage system of compost making and I'm currently putting together a box for the final compost stage, not sure how it'll work and how the enclosure will survive the moisture and pressure.
The box is made from old packing crate and am painting it inside and will apply preservative to the outside.

Open - The West Ealing Arts Centre

West Ealing had an Arts centre by the Fire Station in the Uxbridge Road, it's now under development. Not sure where they'll relocate too but the website for the project is here.

Big Idea # 51 is Happiness

It seems logical that after Good, Evil and the Golden Mean Crofton should point us towards Happiness.
Sometimes Hedonism is used as a description of Happiness but it is (to me) more complex than this explanation.
Happiness (or at least the pursuit of it) is enshrined in the US declaration of rights - but this (to me) means practically nothing - if you want to consider happiness further and have limited time available I would suggest you consider this list.
I like this interpretation (below) by Phelps too he has created some other fine quotes too.
And here is the In Our Time on the subject.