Sunday, January 06, 2013

Williams Restaurant and Dymo Labelwriter 320

Yesterday I went hunting for a new label printer - what's rather sad is that I find such a device really useful for holiday postcard and Christmas greetings and I was under the impression that my present Dymo was redundant and not supported in the later Windows versions - I didn't find anything suitable as replacement.
LabelWriter 320 works on Windows 8
But (very) happily I found that there is a driver (actually some new features too)  for the LabelWriter 320 printer which works just fine with Windows 8, also I have quite a stock of blank labels too.

So what better way to celebrate the joy of not having to replace something that works just fine than have a meal at Williams  one of the new restaurants in Ealing I mentioned a few weeks back?
The review is fairly positive - I suppose this time of year is quiet (as we discovered also when we visited the replacement to Premier Peking in The Avenue before Christmas) and Bond Street does have quite a few eating places but to be honest we were one of only 3 couples dining there during our time eating which is worrying (this was a Saturday night).
2 courses for £11.95 is not a bad price these days and service was very good.
Apparently they've been open a couple of months (formerly a Lebanese coffee shop) and some evenings they've been full  (it seats around 36).
Food was hot and freshly cooked - slightly off-putting that the background music was Country 108 but it wasn't bad enough to give me indigestion and the coffee at the end of the meal was a not bad Cappuccino.