Saturday, January 05, 2013

Kensington Gardens, Memorials and demonstration allotment

Recognisable as a Henry Moore
Peter Pan Statue
This week's Gallery was the Serpentine in Kensington Gardens- not sure If I've been to the gardens before if I have it's some time ago and at a different time of year- it's a great open space with lots of impressive things (like the Peter Pan Statue - think I saw the one in New York too). There's an impressive Moore there as well (I like the way it sounds as though I'm cultured there). The Serpentine Gallery  has been home to modern art exhibitions since 1970 and a visit there is free and you get a copy of the overpriced Independent  too (I quite like this but not sure it's worth £1 more than the i or 20p more than The Times). Currently they're exhibiting a retrospective of the 90 year old Lithuanian born poet and doyen of the Avant Garde Cinema Jonas Mekas. Not sure if he's intrinsically a  great artist but seems to have lived a long and happy life after a tough  war. He's been around some key counter culture figures in New York too including Lennon and Ginsberg.When I tried to get a snap of some of the Jonas Bolex cameras one of the gallery folks told me I couldn't take photo's (which really made me want to).  So instead I took an ironic picture of the toilet out of use signs outside (I think it should say apology for the lack of convenience). Odd that Jonas exhibition which was themed around his (often) daily filming would not allow pictures to be taken

Serpentine (not turpentine) Gallery


Sign of things to come

Apology card
A great over the top memorial
Work on the new Gallery

Poor Diana
After the gallery I walked up to Albert Memorial and then Diana Fountain - bloody hell the Albert Memorial is great - amazingly over the top with gold bits and very much an epitome of British Victoriana and Empire how it puts to shame the awful underwhelming monstrosity that commemorates Princess Diana - don't know what it says about the heart and care that we're showing but I hope someone does (or has done) something better to create something to reflect the passing (15 or so years ago). This sums it up quite well for me 
Welcome sign Kensington Allotment

And On to something that was worth seeing a great allotment in Kensington Gardens - who would have thought it  - I'm going to add another compost enclosure to mine and follow the procedure they use! Only wish I could have chickens too.
Chickens welcome me

3 Step process to great compost

Tidy Allotment site