Friday, January 04, 2013

Jobs around the house and Windows 8

New Power socket
With time available I've been trying to get my bits and pieces in a state where I can use things as you can see in the garage (- don't think this'll be seeing a car anytime soon) I've got a lot of things, some that might be useful in the future and some that are less likely to be utilised. The cupboard under the stairs has been getting rather congested and have added some power there (left). I've also take the opportunity of Windows 8 upgrade and a dead PC (amazing how much time Personal Computers can swallow up) to add a second screen which is rather good to work with. From my point of view the jury is still out on Windows 8 loads of e-mails were lost (no doubt I should have done some backups) but beginning to get used to mail and new screens, does seem more stable than my Windows 7 but  not sure if there's any particular reason for this. I now use open office as opposed to Microsoft office and generally Opera as my browser. 
This is not a garage

Dual Screen on Windows 8